Leather-like large red handbag

Leather-like large red handbag
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How do you wear your clothes

   A lot of people do not know how to wear clothes,what kind of clothes go with what kind of accessories,so if you don't know how to match, Huafu will not blame you, It is pretty confusing.When you walk on the street,a lot of stylish girls wear different kinds of clothes,do you envy them why they are so pretty and fashionable, but you are just ugly duckling.Since It is spring right now , so let us talk about how to mix N match clothes for sping through some pictures.

   Acutally the easiest way to match clothes is to wear Tshirt + jeans +sneaker.like showing in the picutre

If you want a little bit different,you can add a suspender,like the picture below

Here is the picture how you wear a dress.Of course, if you feel cold,you can add a little motor jacket.
as for the shoes,you can wear high heels or the converse canvas.

Accessories are also important ,such as sungalsses , scarves , necklace.But they are more easier to wear,
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Hope everyone has a very beautiful spirng.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 different popular handbags part 2

 Huafu already introduced four different bags in the previous blog,
they are tote,hobo,satchel and clutch, 
and this time we will introduce another four different kind of handbags for you

FLAP   Flap handbags refer to those with a flap top closure.Stylist magazine makes note of many iconic flap designer handbags, such as the Chanel 2.55 and the Hermes Constance.Fashion bloggers also consider the Mulberry Neely and the mulberry bayswater to be classic bags that are worth the investment. Because flap bags' moniker refers to their closure system, baguettes, clutches, totes, and hobos, among others, may also be considered a form of flap bag if they carry this design element.

Baguette  Fashion bloggers name the baguette as a must-have handbag style. Baguettes are small, rectangular handbags with a single strap. Fendi first introduced the Fendi Baguette in 1977. It rose to even further heights of popularity after being featured frequently in the "Sex and the City" television series.Throughout the years, many new takes on the baguette bag have also appeared from different designers.

Bowler  The term "bowler" refers to rounded handbags modeled after sports bags used to carry bowling balls. Many bowlers have a retro and sporty feel to their design. One of the more famous bowlers, an item which has graced the list of Time Magazine's Design 100, is the Yves Saint Laurent Muse. 

Backpack  According to the New York Daily News, every well-dressed woman should have a designer backpack. Backpacks are a kind of bag that is carried on the back using two symmetrical straps sewn into the bag's edges. Designer backpack purses are high-end versions of those found on students. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

4 different popular handbags part 1

Women bring handbags wherever they go,they use handbags to store makeups,keys,cellphones,wallets and more.some people have no preference about brand,but some people are strictly buying designer brand handbags for the sake of their styles.
So this time HUAFU will talk about something that is not related to the brand.
They are 4 popualr type handbags

1. TOTE     is most common choice for women,Tote normally has spacious volume for you to freely throw in your ipad, iphone, kindle, and even an umbrella without having to worry about the space problem. HUAFU also has a lot different style tote bag for sale

2. HOBO  a lot people think hobo handbags is a must-have,compared to the tote,however,the hobo has significantly less room because of its crescent shape. Typically made from soft,slouchy material,the hobo handbag derives its name from the iconic bindle tied to a stick once carries by vagabonds


3. SATCHEL  is a strapped,cross-body bag made from a soft material.Normally associated with the stereotypical English schoolboy,satchels are ordinarily used to carry books and documents,but these bags have inspired designers to create handbags in the satchel style.

4. CLUTCH  is a type of handbag that is small and thin enough to be "clutched" or held closely with the person's fingers. clutch bags only have room for a few credit cards, make-up, and a cellphone, women often use these only as evening bags.

Which bags do you like the most?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How do you maintain your leather handbags?

Taking care of your handbags is important ,especially for leather handbags
Proper maintenance can ensure that they last a really long time, in excellent condition.
HUAFU is here to tell you how to maintain your handbags in 4 easy steps.

Keep wrinkles and creases out of leather handbags Rub and clean by hand using oil appropriate for handbag leather.

Wipe smudges and marks off bags using a clean sponge with soap, distilled spirit or alcohol. Use water to rinse. Finally, air-dry the hide naturally. Be careful when wiping the resilient stains with detergent, or the skin can be blemished. Do not dry in direct sunshine or in front of any heaters, or the leather will become more and more dry, and its flexibility and softness will vanish over time.

Dry your purse properly. In humid areas, purses can be susceptible to rain damage. If the bag is exposed to the rain, do not use heat or direct sun to dry it. The best way is to dry it in shade. The leather's natural oils will decrease with persistent wetness, so even an older leather bag requires regular care.

Store properly. When storing unused bags, clean the surface of the leather first. Then, stuff the bags with cotton wool or cotton fabric to keep the shape of the bags. Put the bag into soft cotton bags and put it in the wardrobe. This can help to avoid distortion from indentation or pressure from other objects in the wardrobe. Ensure that the wardrobe is kept well ventilated, and do not to put too many things in the closet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi spring ! Goodbye winter!

Finally we can say goodbye to this super cold winter

We also need to change something for this wonderful spring

Here we will take a look at what trend for this spring .

If you are lazy to think too much about fashion or trend

Then you can just make your spring colorful

Because the spring is a season for color

All the trees and flowers are awake

the sky is much bluer

everything is more beautiful in this colorful season.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


New York Fashion Week is coming 

What kind of style will you be ?

What kind of handbags will you carry ?

What kind of sunglasses will you wear ?

Still have no idea what to wear ?

Let's see some street styles that may inspire you .

Do those pictures inspire you?

Do you have any ideas now ?

Mixed-match style is really popular

a sweatshirt can go with a shorts and high-heel .

An opposite-season style is on trend too.

BUT seems like a catch-eyeballs sunglasses 

and an outstanding so-on-trend handbags are necessary

If you dont have satisfying  handbags or sunglasses ,

We are here to help you out .

Huafu have a lot of women's accessories for sale,

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Thursday, January 16, 2014


After 3 days photo shooting  

we finally launched all new products

This time we not only have new leather-like bags 

 but also have neon colored handbags that more suitable for spring and summer 

and make your life colorful , catch people's eyes

This is another new handbags

structured wove tote with patent leather trim

6 colors available

5 colors available

Each style is up to 11 colors  

more colors , more choices

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